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Reconstructed scenario which leads to the war (left)
Archive of the collection of political representatives' speeches related to Russia - Ukraine tensions 10.12.2019 - 24.02.2022 (right)

Reconstructed scenario which leads to the war

Why was the de-escalate a failure? Why could no one prevent this war? What is the purpose of the power of all these world leaders? Is diplomacy a practical or illusory tool? Based on these questions, this project focuses on diplomatic theatricality before the declaration of war in Ukraine, and questions the political stakes involved in the crisis just before war broke out.

A scenario is reconstructed through a collection of media statements and images from these powerful politicians who have the capacity to influence the outcome of the tension. This reveals how a linguistic scenario can lead to a war. Based on this scenario, a theatrical montage is produced and implemented in an interactive cybernetic system: the politicians' speech generates and animates the virtual generative image; the politicians' media image is transformed into ambient sound that pervades the space; a video of the subtitle text synchronizes with the theatrical montage when the sound of the montage's speech remains silent.   

The title is a quote from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's press conference on February 08, 2022. The interplay between each visual and sound element in this cybernetic system embodies the transformation of the crisis' situation, which has evolved with the politicians' speeches. This project investigates the theatricality of political speeches. By revealing how an effect of reality is fabricated by power through the media, this reconstructed scenario opens up horizons for thinking about alternative, peace-oriented possibilities.  

This project is a reflection of my theoretical research entitled «Calibration and Deviation: the image and the reality-system». This research consists in revealing a heightened intensity of reality production by the media through current emerging technologies, and then deconstructing it in a hybrid space that is both virtual and real, to finally find the way to recover the individual's independent consciousness. 

Thesis work
ENSP Arles


Audiovisual installation, site-specific:
Interactive cybernetic system
Virtual generative image
Media video



Thesis work
ENSP Arles