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The production of reality induced by the media and new technologies accelerates the transformation of the world from a tangible entity to a variation of intangible narrative. Our existence, transformed by technology, is creating a cognitive dissonance that spreads far more quickly throughout humanity. Constantly constructed realities confront and entangle each other in a loop of subversion and reconstruction. In an accelerated world, everyone is in an intensified struggle of shift between associate and disassociate. We are spectators of the fiction of our own existence. The individuals, as part of the world, are at the heart of this process, yet often find themselves unwittingly marginalized.

Jingyu Cao’s research focuses on media, technology, and interaction. Adopting a dialectical perspective, she explores the interdependent causality in the age of the Anthropocene and the relationship between conditioned realities and our existence, both geopolitically and biopolitically—issues of pressing contemporary relevance. Her practice is fueled by a reflection on the relationship between digital technology and ideological mechanisms, as manifested across space and time. As the world's cartography transforms, her work intertwines virtual reality with reconstructed reality through photography, generative imagery, 3D animation, sound, and/or text.